Hi everybody!

Yesterday I decided to look into simple C development on Linux. In particular I wanted to find out how to write a systems library so I could use it in my C projects. This is what I did:

Firstly, I started a new virtual machine, because I didn’t…

This is the Hillary Clinton who tried to get single-payer health care passed in the 90s and almost managed it. Look who didn't vote for it? Bernie Sanders. …

Hello everybody!

This is just a short post to explain why I’ve moved to a new email account. I think it’s traditional to add “and why you should too” at the end, but I trust you, dear reader, will be able to read this and decide for yourself.

First of…

Hello everybody!

This is going to be my attempt to explain these cryptic concepts. I’m going to take examples of things we know well to illustrate the concepts.

So, let’s start with the monoid. A good example of a monoid is addition. …

Hello everybody!

I’m just writing a post in which I mention that go supports multiple return arguments and I came up with a very simple example of where you could use this:

func divide(divisor, dividend int) (quotient, remainder int) {
quotient = divisor/dividend
remainder = divisor - dividend*quotient

Hello! this is a short post about using go generate to generate code.

go generate is a tool that comes with the go command. You write go generate directives in your source code and then run the directives by calling go generate on the command line (or using your IDE)…

Hi everybody!

I got up this morning and thought “I’ll create a container with a redis docker image and start a little database project using lots of different containers”. Now, 5 hours later, I think I’ve worked out how to create a container with a redis docker image.

Not that…

I thought I’d write an explanation of pipelining for FPGAs and why it’s so important.

First of all, what is pipelining? An example. Let’s say you have two channels of 64 bit numbers coming into your component and you want to add them up and output them. Let’s assume you’re…

Hi everybody! I recently got myself a Creator Ci20 development board. It’s a small board (about 10cm square) with a MIPS processor and enough ressources to run Linux well. I got it because I like interesting architectures, and MIPS was one of the first RISC instruction sets.

One problem is…


This is a short explanation of the Typeclass pattern in Scala. This is basically a copy of the excellent video on the Typeclass pattern by Seth Tisue that can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYo0gANYViE. …

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